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TOLL FREE: 1-877-714-6001

LOCAL TEL: 678-714-6001


4729 Nelson Brogdon Blvd

Suite A - Sugar Hill, GA 30518


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ss airsoft retail store

SS Airsoft Retail Store

The SS Airsoft Retail Store offers a range of airsoft products including: Airsoft guns, airsoft BBs and ammo, magazines, scopes and optics, flashlights and lasers, batteries and chargers, and tactical gear.


In the retail store area, you can also speak to our techs about weapon repairs and upgrades as well as pay for arena time and arrange rental equipment if you need it.



ss airsoft retail store

If you can't find what you need in our store, speak to one of the SS Airsoft team and we will work to get your equipment into your hands as quickly as possible.


Check the airsoft retail store opening hours and feel free to call ahead to check any specific airsoft gear you are interested in.

Call 1-877-714-6001 (Tollfree) or LOCAL: 678-714-6001




ss airsoft arena


===---SAFE ZONE---===

Airsoft briefing area

Briefing Area

Once you leave the Airsoft Store, you will enter the Briefing Area where you will check in. Non-rental guns will be chrono'd (chronographed - checking the velocity of your gun, measured in
) to the 400 fps limit.


The Airsoft team will brief you on the arena rules (Airsoft rules for safety and the code of conduct).


You can read the rules here. Orange Tip Required on all airsoft guns


Airsoft armory


At the SS Airsoft Armory, you can pick up gun rentals and other rental equipment.


If you choose one of our rental packages, which includes weapon, mask and 1000 BBs, arena fee is included.


View our weapon rental rates.



Airsoft party room

Airsoft party room

View of party room from the arena

Party Room

Our Party Room is a Replica bomb shelter which projects into the arena itself so you can eat your cake and still be in the action. Read more about parties and events at SS Airsoft.


We have a selection of party packages available which include room rental and military theme décor, where birthday player receives an SS Airsoft tshirt.


Check out our parties gallery to see some of the really cool birthday and party cakes our party guests have had in our airsoft party room while being able to watch the action in the arena.







Airsoft holding room

Holding Pen

Our spacious holding pen is full of benches with storage under space - a place to reload in between games, re-hydrate and prepare your weapons and equipment for the next game. Vending machines are in the area for those needing a boost to help with the action.





Airsoft tent


Airsoft holding room

Operations Tent

Our true-to-life authentic military tent (was used in war before coming to SS Airsoft) is the final prep area before games commence. Here the game enactments start where you will be given the rules of engagement before you enter the Battlefield.

We start the games with military and war chants to get the players pumped before games




===---END SAFE ZONE---===


enter the airsoft battlefield



Airsoft battlezone

Airsoft battlezone



The SS Airsoft battlefield is a 24,000 ft² purpose-built arena to provide a well-laid out field with various elements that provide cover for airsoft players. The field configuration changes on a regular basis to provide a unique experience even for our regulars.


Airsoft battlezone

Environmental conditions on the field can change from game to game as well as day to day; we alter the battlefield environment with lighting effects, as well as varying degrees of fog, sometimes so dense that you can see hardly 15' in front of you! These different conditions can change the outcome of the entire game and challenge players of all skill levels. Night games are also played for a really intense experience.


Airsoft Referee Tower

Safety and Referees

Safety is SS Airsoft's number one priority on the field. For every organized game, there are always 3 referees on the field.


The Head Ref is in the ref tower 10-ft above the entire field. All the referees are in 2-way communication with each other.


Referees are watching for:

  • Safety
  • Overly aggressive behavior
  • Honesty / Code of Conduct
  • Players in need of help


Airsoft Referee Tower Airsoft Referee Tower Airsoft Referee Tower



The SS Airsoft field layout is host to a collection of cool buildings as well as other other cool and interesting places to take cover. Check out our gallery to see action photos taken at our indoor airsoftfield.



A complete list of SS Airsoft rules are available at the website.


Airsoft clear your weapon

Return to Safe Zone

Once a game has finished or you have been eliminated it is essential to follow the instructions that are displayed in front of the Operations Tent before entering the tent.


Clear Your Weapon:

  • Remove the magazine
  • Empty the chamber
  • Set weapon to safe mode
  • Put barrel sock on weapon



All airsoft products should have a permanent fixed orange tip as required by law, which will grant Airsoft legal usage in the United States and complies with the United States laws.

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Orange tip required on all airsoft guns

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